Termite is the common name for numerous species of social insects that can infest timber to cause damage to wooden structures. Termites are sometimes referred to as ‘white ants’ because of their creamy colouring and ant-like appearance, however they are not ants.
There are more than 350 species of termites in Australia. Of this number, there are about 20 species that can cause structural and domestic damage. However, in nature, they assist in the recycling of organic matter and nutrients back to the soil


As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to maintain your property. Start by organising a termite inspection to determine whether or not you have termites.
If you are looking at buying a new home then you will need a pre-purchase termite inspection. You’ll definitely require one if you’re putting in a loan application.
Regular inspections are the best way to control termites before they do any damage.
Arrange annual inspections in cooler areas and biannually in warmer areas to help minimise the risk of termite damage. High termite activity periods are usually early spring to late summer, so this is a great time to organise your inspections.
Termite monitoring and interception systems are popular because if they’re installed and monitored properly, they are effective as an early warning sign of possible termite infestation. Contact A & J Pest & Termite Solutions
to organise an onsite quote and management solution.