Black House Spider


One of the most encountered spiders of Australia is the Black House Spider (Badumna Insignis). It makes its web around windows and under eaves and in bark fissures of trees. The entrance tunnel is usually in the centre of the web. Although the bite can be painful, there have been no fatalities recorded.
The Whitetailed Spider is one that most people will have heard of. It is found throughout Australia and common in the urban environment. Males will wander at night. Females will commonly form nests under tree bark and around environments simulating these conditions.
They are often found inside houses, particularly in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. The bite is painful causing localised swelling. Cases of Ulceration have been recorded.
Perhaps one of the most well known spiders ever, the Redback Spider (Latrodectus Hasselti) is encountered in many areas throughout Australia. It makes loose webs of no particular design in stacked goods and rubbish. Also found in outside toilets where its webs may be made under the seats. A very toxic spider. Fatalities have occurred, but there is now antivenin.

Possibly Australia’s most feared, the Funnelweb Spider, makes (as its name suggests) long web lined funnels in the ground, usually in rockeries and deep surface mulches. While both sexes are toxic, the male is considered far more toxic than the female.

After heavy rains and even landscaping, the spider may venture inside to find shelter. During the mating season of December to March, the male may venture in more frequently. Both male and female are nocturnal.